Patient Testimonials

A positive outlook after daVinci Robotic Surgery


11/2013 Robotic Partial Nephrectomy: Patient JT: “My robotic surgery was amazing. Recovery time was remarkably faster than ordinary surgery. There was no large incisions. I was able to travel in two weeks and to return to normal activities in a short time. Dr. Hettiarachchi is professional in every way. His gentle, compassionate and caring manner helped ease any anxieties. My wife and I are Thankful to be introduced to this new technology and to Dr. Hettiarachchi.”

10/2013 Robotic Nerve Sparing radical Prostatectomy Patient BJ:“ The doctor has done a great job. I have not had any problems with my procedure like most people complain about. I feel good."

10/2013 Robotic Partial Nephrectomy: Successfully able to save her Kidney function: Patient AW: I appreciate the team at Piedmont Urology. They were kind and understanding and treated me with respect. I am thankful for the expertise and treatment. I am still going strong."

9/2013 Robotic Nerve Sparing radical Prostatectomy: Patient WL: “I have done good following the surgery that I had by Dr. Hettiarachchi. I respect him and would recommend him to anybody.”


Thanks to Dr. Hettiarachchi, I feel like new again.

5/2013 Percutaneous surgery for a Huge Kidney stone:Patient DS “I called on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 that morning and the office told me to go to get a quick x-ray at 2:00pm and to follow up in the office after to see the doctor. He showed me the stone on the x-ray and said that I had a staghorn calculi measuring 5 x 7 cm. He set me up for surgery on Thursday the same week and sent me for a CT scan and looked in my bladder for cancer as a precaution so that there would be no surprises or infection. Everything went great and I had to have two procedures. I was really impressed with the doctor’s professionalism and his excellent care during this experience. I also would like to thank his staff who are always so polite and caring. This experience could not have gone any better and I would highly recommend Dr. Hettiarachchi.”

1/2012 Nerve sparing radical Prostatectomy: Patient RH:"The surgery went just as he had explained and the follow-up with him and his staff has been very gratifying.  I also feel that this area is very fortunate to have a Doctor of his caliber offering his services."

My life is back to normal – thanks to Laser TURP

For the past two to three years I have been treated for an enlarged prostate by Dr. Hettiarachchi. During this period I have taken a number of prescription medications in an attempt control the discomfort that an enlarged prostate has caused. As time passed, the medications failed to give me the relief I felt was minimum to my having a normal life experience. I found it much more difficult to urinate and urination became more frequent and urgent. I found that I was forced to get up to "go" as frequently as every hour during the night. I found myself frustrated over my inability to control this condition with medication as well as natural supplementation. I might add that my the reason that we did not proceed to surgical alternatives sooner was purely my reluctance to go to an invasive procedure that I was concerned might cause significant complications.

In November, I asked Dr. Hettiarachchi to explain the surgical alternatives that would relieve my discomfort from my enlarged prostate. Dr. Hettiarachchi spent a good deal of time with me explaining the various procedures that were available to me, both through his practice and procedures that he didn't provide. He explained which procedure he believed would be best for my condition and took more time to explain why others were not best for my condition, in his opinion. Dr. Hettiarachchi gave me brochures and websites that I could read to learn more of the details of the procedure.

After much discussion with Dr. Hettiarachchi, reading and Internet research I determined that Laser TURPS surgery, recommended by Dr. Hettiarachchi, was the best solution to my deteriorating condition. The procedure went as described by Dr. Hettiarachchi and I was released from the hospital the day following the surgery. I will say that I did experience some discomfort during the healing process, although I did not find it necessary to use pain medication. I experienced some burning while urinating and there was some minimal bleeding as well for about three weeks after the surgery. The bleeding was complicated by my own failure follow the doctor's direction to keep exertion to a minimum.

After three months I found that I was at a level of normalcy that I had not experienced in many years. I no longer take any medication for an enlarged prostate and I find that I sleep up to six hours and sometimes longer without getting up to "go". I am grateful to Dr. John Hettiarachchi for his dedication and commitment to his patients and his medical practice and for the care he gave me during my Laser TURP surgery. Life is, once again, very good.

- H.G.
Crumpler, NC